Facts About

Porters Place

The Restaurant

Porter’s Place is an independent family owned restaurant that is dedicated to honoring the heritage of Mormon Pioneer Orrin Porter Rockwell.

In 2018, after nearly 50 years operating on Lehi Main St, the restaurant moved to Eureka Utah. You can find us at 321 West Main Street.

Please be patient as we update the below with information about our new location


The beehive clock located by the cash register is originally from the Hotel Utah in Salt Lake City. Being designed especially for them for their grand opening in 1912, it still runs today.

The bar at Porter’s Place was built in 1881. It came from a saloon in Montana and has been here since the restaurant opened in 1971.

Besides the bronze of Porter Rockwell located by the cash register, there are two other large statues of Porter Rockwell. One is a life-size sculpture behind Porter’s Place in front of the Lehi Legacy Center, the other ┬áis a larger than life statue at the Porter Rockwell business park in Bluffdale, Utah. It can be seen from I-15 as you travel south.

Since Porter’s Place is not a chain restaurant or corporate owned, we are free to close on Sundays, so our employees may be with their families.

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